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Church of Scientology, Mission of Leichhardt

Church of Scientology, Mission of LeichhardtThe Church of Scientology, Mission of Leichhardt delivers courses and individual counselling to anyone interested in enriching their quality of life or improving particular aspects of their life. Whether it be to do with work; parenting; relationships; marriage; overcoming personal barriers of anxiety; depression or lack of confidence; helping children to study better in order to achieve better grades at school; how to better organise all aspects of one’s life or be happier, Dianetics and Scientology gives you the data to help you improve your life or to help others improve theirs.

The course room is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. One-on-one counselling can be arranged anytime of the day or evening by appointment.

Church of Scientology,  Mission of Leichhardt also runs a monthly Artist Group which has the motto: “Come and Inspire and be Inspired”. This is open to artists of all art forms and of all stages of artistic development. The artist is capable of breathing life into a society, of creating magic that brings happiness and well-being to us all. To learn more about the Artist Group click here >

In addition to improving one’s own life, we have courses in Scientology study that will enable you to help others in their personal lives as well as careers. You can train as a Dianetics Counsellor or as a Volunteer Minister to help improve situations in your family, your work or in your community.

The center is located in the heart of Leichhardt, an inner west suburb of Sydney which is known for its vibrant street life and restaurants, all with an Italian flavour.

Our center is situated in a quaint cottage with beautiful gardens providing a comfortable and safe environment where our dedicated staff members provide a personal, professional and friendly service.

People of all faiths are welcome.

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